Thursday, July 17, 2008


I tried Somalian food for the first time at Safari on Nicollet. I got a dish called "chicken fantastic". It was kinda like a Navratan Korma, sort of, but the sauce was a slightly different consistency and of course the spices were different. Chicken and veggies though. And over their delightfully spiced rice. To be honest, I've never run across such a mild tasting clove when I bit in to them. That was odd but good.

And apparently one of the things common there is that they mash up bananas into their rice and eat it that way. I didn't, because I had Stuff on my rice already. But it made for a nice fruit dessert. :)

I will be intrigued to try this place again with a different dish so I can really delve into the spices. I loved the meal, it's just I was missing this; the really starting to grok what the spices are that are common to the culture. Which is not to say I didn't continue to nibble until we got the check. PiC was lucky there was enough for him to take for lunch today (since I rarely eat my own leftovers, esp dairy based leftovers).

His roasted goat cutlet looked intriguing. I'm just sad that I was too full for even a taste.

ETA: Sadly, this restaurant is closed. However, you can still eat their tasty food at Midtown Global Market at Safari Express.

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