Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brasa Premium Rotisserie

OSO had her birthday recently, and she had also decided to start with a gluten free diet. In looking for a restaurant that would cater to her new dietary restriction, she also expressed a desire for southern style food for her birthday. Couple that with a desire to move towards local and organic food, we came up with Brasa as the destination for PiC and myself to take her out to. St Paul edition.

First, make sure you have their sangria. OSO and I split a pitcher of the sangria and were both pleasantly happy with the flavor and alcohol content.

We decided that for dinner we would go with family style eating, so we got 1/4 pound of the braised beef and 1/2 pound of the slow roasted pork. The pork was nice, but we were in LOVE with the braised beef. The BBQ sauce was definitely worth the red meat, and had we the chance to do it again, we would have switched the proportions.

We went with a side of the cheesy grits, which is apparently an old time favorite of both of them, and the fried green plantains. PiC also had himself a side of the collards and smoked turkey, because he has a thing for the bitter leafy greens. The two at least that OSO and I had were perfect in their starchy goodness, not oily for the plantains and definitely smooth with the slight grit of cheesy grits.

We skipped the dessert for having something at home for her that was gluten free. But all in all OSO declared it her favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities, and it is added to our rotation.