Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I started my afternoon with lunch at Azia. I'd been here once for drinks with a friend from California when she was visiting. Mostly it's higher priced than I prefer to spend, but lunch is better than dinner for that. So I gave their food a try. Nice quality food, good flavors, good presentation. Their Cranberry Cream Cheese wontons were interesting, though an odd flavor (the spice was *just* not blended in well enough).

Their Burmese curry Ahi-Tuna steak could be a favorite. But really, it costs more than I want to spend on a regular basis. Not bad happy hour specials either; and their drinks are fun.

Decision, I'd go there if others wanted to. The food is quite good, and I loved having a slow lunch, paying attention to the flavor and texture of every bite. But I'm not thinking this place is going to be a regular for me. It's just too expensive for more than an occasion.