Friday, August 15, 2008

Barbary Fig

Dinner was at Barbary Fig. Now, had I been there before I wouldn't have suggested it PiC's current state; he sprained his ankle a couple days ago. Because it would seem that most of the seating is upstairs. And outside. So we sat outside, even though there were periodic sprinkles. It amused me at least, and the umbrella was sufficient for keeping us mostly dry during the sprinkles. :)

I had the most awesome red wine from Algeria that they tell me I can't purchase anywhere. It breaks the little Tegan-heart. I may just have to go back again.

My dinner was a lamb/yam/fava bean/saffron rice dealy. His was a lamb sausage/yam/carmelized onion/couscous dealy. And we both liked what we had, though my dish could have used a little bit of salt. OH! And a delightful appetizer of roasted eggplant and feta cheese in a filo dough like shell. Kinda like a quesadilla. But not.

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