Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gardens of Salonica

Thursday, dinner was had at Gardens of Salonica in NE Minneapolis. Wrought iron and earth toned art decorates this lovely little spot. It's a little noisy, but still mostly enjoyable.

Our waiter we think had had a bit to drink. He was spilling things, forgetting things, and we did witness him drink a glass of wine at the bar.

But the food was quite delightful. I had a chicken souvlaki, tzatziki sauce on the side. It was cooked and spiced rather exactly and I enjoyed it. The tzatziki even had a bit of a spicy tang to it that was unusual and lovely.

PiC had the lamb souvlaki and seemed to enjoy his as much as I enjoyed mine. He also had the octapodi and loved it as well. To my eyes it looked a bit odd, complete with the suckers, but so long as he enjoyed it who am I to judge? :)

Dessert was one very small fig that had been braised in a port wine reduction. A simple bit of joy to end the meal. Mmmmmmmm fig.

This will definitely be a place for repeat business.

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