Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Wednesday night after the SCA meeting, we headed to another restaurant I hadn't been to before, Figlio's. PiC was right in that it's a restaurant that is everything that was trendy about 10 years ago.

But really, the reason we were there was for the dessert and drinks. My pomegranate margarita was... I dunno, it just missed the mark some how. I also learned that really, 12 year old scotch is too young for me as I like my scotch smoother. :)

Other than that, we split red velvet cake, which was PERFECT because I've been having this atrocious craving for cream cheese frosting, of the variety that I had talked myself out of going and buying a can 'for old time's sake'. No need, this was exactly the right answer.

And they have creme brulee on the menu. I think next time I have a hankering, there will be going there. :) Just no scotch, and a different mixed drink.

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