Thursday, July 10, 2008

Caspian Bistro

Tonight instead of cooking, PiC and I went to Caspian over on University. Nummy nummy Persian food.

If you've never eaten here (and are local), it is a place for distinctly subtle yet intriguing flavors. The dolmeh we got for appetizers were *warm* instead of chilly like it usually is in greek food and far less dense. Also the saffron flavored sugar cubes.

For entrees, we both ended up with a form of kabob, mine chicken, his filet mignon and a ground beef/lamb kofta thing. Both quite delightful. They gave us PILES and piles of rice, some flavored with saffron on top, and butter. But *mine* had barberries on it as well, fabulous dried berry. It's like a sweeter, smaller cranberry. With a little bit of lemon on top... Mmmmmmm.

Dessert was nummy little balls that tasted like they were soaked in honey, rosewater, and made with a little bit of pistachio. The underthing that was kinda like sugar soaked funnel cake was tasty, but a little too sweet.

OH! And the drinks! PiC was not so fond of the yogurt drink he started with, sadly. However, I suggested to him that he try the sekanjabin. *evil grin* Totally won him over with that one. I may make some syrup tomorrow to bring to WW if sewing goes better in the morning. Me, I had a delightful quince/lemon drink that is made with syrup in a similar way as the sekanjabin. Ooooooooooh I'm in love with the flavor of quince. What a woefully underused fruit in American society.

None of the flavors for all they were unusual, especially in their combination, to the American palette were in your face though. Very subtle. Makes you pay attention to your food and have a intimate conversation with it as you learn every vibration of taste.

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