Saturday, March 28, 2009

St Petersburg Restaurant and Vodka Bar

So, PiC is out of town for the weekend, and I had been looking for something to do. XG emails me out of the blue and says, hey, I know you're always super busy, but I feel like chatting, you feel like some sort of food thing some time? Amazingly, I have a free weekend, and lo, she suggests that she has an Entertainment book, and have I heard of a place called St Petersburg?

HAVE I? Last time I ate here was with PiC and OSO when OSO got her job last June. So I get a chance to go again and write the review that was sorely lacking.

I had forgotten the fact that the people who show up here really dress up. Because, you see, this seems to be the central gathering place of the entire Twin Cities Russian community. The wait staff barely speaks English. The food is amazing. And after a while, while we're in the midst of our meal, the band gets up on stage, speaking only in Russian, and there's entertainment and scads of people dancing. I think my favorite part was XG thinking there must be some sort of function going on, and I had to tell her, No, that's just what this place is LIKE on a Saturday night. :)

As for the food.... We started with a vodka flight each. Her the Polish flight, me the Russian flight. Out of the six vodkas I tried, I have to say that Belvedere really was my favorite, though the Stoli Gold was not bad. The others just didn't have the smoothness that those two did. :)

We completely forgot to trade tastes of dishes. At least I had had enough vodka that I wasn't thinking of that when it came time. My classic stroganoff was delightful however, and blended very nicely with the mashed potatoes that came with it. A cosmo for me and two more shots of Belvedere for XG later, and we enjoyed ourselves a tasty tasty cheesecake. Even though we'd ordered the blintzes. It was still fine; I think the waiter had a hard enough time understanding us. :)

Love that place. And I also know that I like Polish vodkas over Russian. At least tonight I did. :)

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