Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So lately, I've been stressed, and my food choices have reflected that. Lots of comfort foods, eating at home instead of going out, multitasking while I eat. Today PiC and I decided that what needed to happen was some good healthy eating.

So we headed down the street to Ecopolitan. Now, I had never managed to eat there, even when I was a vegetarian. But the idea of a raw foods vegetarian restaurant intrigued me to no end. And I always was thinking, you know, I should try that place as I drove past it, over and over. Let me say up front that it will definitely be a place I return to, and any skepticism about it has been assuaged now that I've actually been in for a meal. And I will refrain from quotes around the food descriptions, as they were fine on their own.

It's very much a house inside, looking like many an apartment in Uptown. And the decor is definitely of the rustic/reuse style, but it suits a place that charges a modest fee for take away containers.

First juice. Because if you're going to this place, you need to try at least one of their juices. This is no jamba juice. I ordered the Ginger Lemonade; it was uplifting and refreshing, a citrus drink with a definite tasty kick.

PiC went with a Coconut Supreme from the smoothie section, coconut mixed with dates and mint and cinnamon. I am not a coconut fan, but his report was that he loved it, and it was rather filling if one wanted something for on the go.

Dinner for me was the pasta with macadamia alfredo sauce. There were marinated mushrooms, pine nuts, and a few herbs mixed in the an alfredo sauce made from not only macadamia nuts but cashews as well, and all of this was topped a zucchini pasta and a bed of greens. I will admit the alfredo sauce was lacking in a little bit of salt to really make the flavor pop, but the texture was amazing, and the flavor was not bad, just not wow.

PiC's meal consisted of a spinach soup and a lasagna made from vegetables and nuts. There was many yummy noises coming from his side of the table, though I did not manage to try any of it. I did try the flax seed cracker that FoodieK had recommended. The balsamic reduction on top of that was incredible.

Afterwards, I feel full, but amazingly... lighter. And more awake. I think that their restaurant succeeded in what they aimed to do. I will be back.

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