Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rapid fire reviews

Masa - Upscale Mexican on Nicollet Ave downtown, in one of the Target buildings. I had lunch here with GM a while back. If you can imagine mexican food being done in a light fashion, this would be the place for it. I found it delightfully refreshing for lunch, and I highly recommend it. I'll probably try their dinner sometime in the not too terribly distant future as well as I'm on a mexican food kick lately. But as it's upscale, it's a bit on the pricey side. If you're looking for large portions (and not as light), you're better off going further down Nicollet to Pancho Villa.

Musashi - Had lunch here with EK a while back as well. Ignore the fact that Musashi was a swordsman and not a sumo wrestler. Just don't pay attention to their logo. :) The lunch here was a fabulous chicken teriyaki bento box. It's not crowded for lunch, and it's right by my work. Also came with pickled things, hot little crab cake like things, a maki roll... Probably something else I'm forgetting. Also pricey for lunch, but MMMMMM bento. :)

barrio - I'd been excited about a potential tequila bar, even if it was downtown. Unfortunately I was focused more on the concept of the tequila and not so much on the bar. This place is definitely a bar in attitude, even if they're trying to up the quality of the bar food. And they do have a lovely selection of tequila. It was just over noisy and crowded with work folks (mostly Target since it's right across the street it seems) at happy hour to be enjoyable. I was very sad about that. The hunt for a Rudy's like place continues.

Jade - Went here for PiC's birthday, located in Midtown Global Market. I think in part my opinion of this place was clouded by the fact that I was feeling like utter crap. I wasn't particularly impressed though. And my kung pao chicken tasted a distinct taste of off. He got to have lobster and sushi though, so that was a win for him. Maybe trying again in the future, but it's not going to be at the top of my list.

Alas, not all restaurants will be hits. I think next time eating out though is going to be Hell's Kitchen in the new location for dinner. :) They've moved to the old space where Rossi's used to be, and I'm hoping that means there's a ton more room, so easier to get in and YUMMY yummy food to boot with fun boozes.

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