Saturday, November 29, 2008

On the road: Snippets from St Augustine

Anyway, then to lunch. I ate at what is perhaps the most schwanky place in town according to my mom, 95 Cordova at the Casa Monica. Really damned good crab cakes they were. And delightful decor.


Headed towards the inter coastal area then, and had a pomegranate martini at the Tini Martini Bar and spent time relaxing and reading a book. That sadly wasn't so phenomenal as to be worth what I paid for it, but I relaxed for a while outside with a drink and that was okay.


Parents also took me to a delightful little restaurant called Raintree. I had a northern atlantic salmon that was cooked to absolute perfection, and split a bottle of white wine with them. Definitely, if you ever make it to this cute little town this is a bistro not to miss.

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