Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hell's Kitchen

To my friends who are Hell's Kitchen fans (the Mpls restaurant, not the myriad of other places):

If you have not been to the new location and have not had their dinner menu, Go. Immediately. Seriously, I love it all even more than I could have possibly loved the last place.

We went at 6 last night with no reservation, were seated immediately, had a fantastic and unusual cocktail (I had the Love Letter) and dinner was as delightfully divine and decadent as their breakfast and lunch have been in the past. And they're also available.

Everything I have ever had here has been made of awesome. The only thing I wish is that their eggs were a smidge more cooked.

Not to mention, there's parking right there that you take to the basement where it is and it's all curvy and labyrinth like in there and the decor makes me squee.

When I talk about Rudy's or Christopher's from Camberville as restaurants that I truly miss? If ever I move from Minneapolis, Hell's Kitchen will be that place I talk about from here.

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