Thursday, January 1, 2009


Started off the new year going to a new restaurant for dinner. Tonight PiC and I headed to Barbette, and all I can say is what the hell took me so long to go there?

Delightful french bistro feel to is, complete with the french sounding music etc. $4 bubbly wine for their happy hour, and tried a bit of his white winter wheat beer (a hefeweizen). Another beer that I like; I believe that he's corrupting me.

Dinner was two appetizers, a seared scallops in a molasses vinaigrette, and a small salad with it that was refreshing and lovely. With dried cherries in it. :) Second appetizer was fondue. YAY I got my fondue fix. :) They served it with baguette, green apples, and mushrooms. I went after the apple, he the mushroom and split the bread. All quite delightful.

Dinner was ended with a panna cotta that had a blueberry/balsamic coulis. Smooth, sensual, exploding with tangy blueberry flavor it was a fantastic end.

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