Monday, July 12, 2010


PiC went out last Thursday as well to a Persian style restaurant on the south side of town called Shiraz.

It's clear that this sort of restaurant does not get a whole lot of traction in this section of town. Which is a shame. They've changed their menu and style slightly apparently to be more of a "steakhouse" style, though they do still have a whole section of Persian entrees. They just make sure there are steaks as well. Makes sense when they're competing with the Sports Bar next door.

Not surprising, PiC and I went straight for the Persian dishes. We started off with dolmeh, which had an unexpected tomato sauce on top. Dolmeh in Persian cuisine are served warm, unlike Greek where they tend to be cold. However, I could see why they wanted the extra acid of the tomatoes to balance the beef on the interior. Over all, the flavors were well balanced.

For myself, I got a cornish game hen (Joojeh) kabob with the barberry rice. I had never had Cornish game hen, and was surprised how the texture seemed slightly different from chicken. I'm not sure that I could put it into words, but it was cooked just to tenderness and still had a slight charring on the outside tips to add that fresh grilled flavor.

PiC was greatly disappointed that they no longer had the Fensenjan on the menu, it's a chicken stew simmered in pomegranate and with walnuts. He did however order the Ghormeh Sabzy, a filet mignon and red bean stew with lime and herbs. This isn't just a little bit of herbs. This is herbs on the order that it looked like a green dish. And the sour cherry rice. Regardless, we had to remind ourselves to stop eating. PiC had left overs for two lunches and the prices were quite reasonable.

I think that if I had to choose for Persian restaurants, if I want a greater variety of Persian, I'd go to Caspian, but do think that the food at Shiraz is better flavored. I was much happier with the overall balance here than I was at Caspian.

Accompaniments were perfectly acceptable martinis.

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