Sunday, April 26, 2009

Victor's 1959 Cafe

If you have never eaten at Victor's 1959 Cafe before, you are missing out on a treat of South Minneapolis. Especially now, you can celebrate Obama's lifting of travel restrictions on the island nation by finding your way to Grand and 38th street where this restaurant hides (I mention because I always miss it when I'm the one driving).

Inside it's not just Che memorabilia. Every which way possible, there is a table crammed into a corner or alcove. Then there is graffiti *everywhere* encouraged by the owners, and you can be entertained reading everything in the multitude of languages there from the typical Joanie loves Chachie commentary to illustrations saying "I am a Dude" to spanish love poems to the yuca.

I will admit, I'm typically here for breakfast, so I don't have my experience with the lunch or dinner menus. It is simple but very tasty food featuring a plethora of plantains and yuca and black beans on the cuban side. They also have options for the more americanized palate. Yesterday I treated myself to the sweet plantain omelette with creole sauce (like a cross between a salsa and a cocktail sauce really). PiC enjoyed his Basque Scrambler featuring chorizo, veggies and ham.

Both of us reveled in the excellent guava jam that they serve with their toast. Me, I'm also a fan of their cuban toast, which I think is bread that has been buttered and then cooked on a griddle. Like grilled cheese without the cheese.

Also, the mimosas are quite nice. Yesterday I started with a raspberry lemonade mimosa that was exceptionally refreshing, and a nice change from the run of the mill orange.

Breakfast is served all day, and their dinner menu is quite extensive as well, with a rotating beer and wine menu.

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